Innovation and Change-Upgrading is the most important thing nowadays for surviving in this cruel world. If you continue living in this world with the old norms you will be left behind and will be of no use to this world. To study the new innovations.

Keep researching the market. Study and understand the behaviors of your competitors. How do they grow? what are their new policies?

Studying your competitors is the most valuable thing that can add value to your own brand. This market is a vast place and people have different mindsets and plans to grow. We have examples of brands that refused to grow and accept the change.

They became the leftovers.

Examples include:

  1. Nokia refused Android
  2. Yahoo the largest mail medium in the past refused google
  3. Kodak refused the digital cameras

These are the most common examples that did not accept the change and innovation.

They thought they could survive in this world. without any support but it caused great trouble for them.

Good Examples

We also have some examples that accepted the change and grew very faster.

  1. As Facebook takes over Instagram and Whatsapp
  2. Grab takes over the Uber company


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