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Imran Khan’s Wish-Turkish Televison Series Dirilis Ertugrul

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History of Ertugrul Ghazi In Islam

According to the Islamic History, Ertugrul was the son of Suleman Shah who was the leader of the Kayi Tribe. After the death of Suleman Shah, his son became the next ruler. The son of the Ertugrul was Osman. Nothing about this hero is found with clear accuracy in the history. But some facts are collected through some coins that he (Ertugrul) was the chief of the tribe called Kayi and Osman was his son. He was considered a Ghazi. He gathered all the Muslims of the Ottoman empire and struggled a lot for this purpose. Believe in Allah and never giving up was the things he was working for.

A complete detail who was Ertugrul Ghazi and his real history is explained by Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab as:

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Imran Khan Wants That Pakistanis Watch This Turkish Series

PM Imran Khan wants that Pakistanis should watch this great series and all the episodes of the total 5 seasons of Ertugrul must be dubbed in Urdu.

The idea behind this is PM Imran Khan had the meeting with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and the Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad and they all decided that we have to do something to change the overall impression of the Muslims in the whole world.

This series is famous in more than 60 countries. So it is a great initiative. This news was very shocking for the Pakistani media because they were standing against the Turkish Dramas ISHQ E MAMNOOH and HURREM SULTAN etc. As they consider them a threat to their popularity. More public is attracted to these dramas that are dubbed in Urdu.

The writer of this series Mehmet Bozdag is a famous filmmaker who wants us to see that how a Muslim Leader fights with the whole heart when he fears only from Allah. Nothing can stop him to become an unexceptional power.

This is like the Game Of Thrones of the Muslims when it comes to fighting with swords and other things.

This series teaches us that if we are on the right path and protecting the innocents and making full justice, then Allah is with us.

Every success and victory is just for the Allah Almighty

There were many problems in the way towards Ertugrul’s Goal but he was focusing and believing in Allah. That is why he achieved Victory always. The power given to him by Allah made him successful in every bad circumstance.

So Imran Khan wants that we should leave the stupid love stories that are not of any use for us and move or change the direction of our Youth towards this type of series that shows Islamic cultures and Islamic heroes.

He wants that the vulgarity shown in the Bollywood or Hollywood movies should be avoided as this is increasing the overall sex crimes in the country.

So this could be a great initiative for our Youth to learn the Islamic Ethics.

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Imran Khan is making sure that everyone should be able to watch this marvelous series. He requested the PTV channel to make this possible. PTV is showing the different episodes on a daily basis at 07:45 pm.


Islamophobia is basically the hate or fear of Islam. The world and especially a few countries think that Muslims are the Terrorist. That is why they fear from Islam and their values.

This series is especially for this purpose to end up the concept of Islamophobia. Muslims are not the terrorists. They are great leaders. Justice and fear from Allah is their only Strength.

Islam is the world’s largest religion with 1.8 billion followers and 24.1% of the total world’s population is of Muslims.

Killing other human beings is Haram in Islam so Muslims never kill any person, they are the most loving people in the whole world. They will love you no matter from which castor race you belong.

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Ertugrul A Threat?

In addition to this, the Western World is considering Ertugrul a threat and it is being thought that Muslims will unite and will become the greatest power of the world.

As Mubashar Luqman says:

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All the Urdu Dubbed Episodes of this series will be available on Chaska Club.

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