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Howdy, Yesterday the weather was not so warm or hot so we decided to have something cheesy or something that will help us to satisfy our taste buds. We searched for many places and then decided to have a Steak for our lunch. But what about the price? Is there any place in Lahore that will serve us with the best of their quantity at a reasonable price?

The average prices for steaks were from 1500 to 3000…as we conducted a detailed survey of the city of Lahore. But then we moved to Howdy for Burger but ordered the steak.

Dagwood-Lahore best restaurant

The white sauce steak…….! The Howdy Steak Price was 999… But it was so yummy in the taste and the quantity was also enough… We also ordered the starter which was so spicy and yummy having the filling of jalapenos and cheese… Quality And Quantity Both were good Staff Cooperative and professional.

ambiance Good. Price They have the best burgers and steaks at affordable prices… Next time do visit for sure…

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