How to get M-Tag for your Vehicle -Complete Detail

The National Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP) recently made M-Tag (One Tage) obligatory for all vehicles traveling on motorways. From 7th December 2021 M tag is mandatory for all vehicles to travel on the Islamabad to Lahore M-2 motorway.

In this article, you will find complete details about M-Tag, how to find an M-tag, recharge methods, and how to check the balance in your M-Tag account. M-Tag is a computerized sticker issued by NHA to be used for payment of toll tax while traveling on motorways in Pakistan.

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Actually, what is M-tag?

Actually, the M Tag is a prepaid RFID Service from NHMP that is fixed at your vehicle in front of the windscreen. There are no charges for getting a new M Tag sticker for your vehicle.

How and Where to Get M tags?

The process of getting an M-Tag for your car is quite simple. You have to go to the M-tag issuing booth on any motorway/toll plaza. However, to get this tag, you must have your Vehicle Registrations Book, Driving Licence, Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, Cell No, and CNIC. If your vehicle is new/applied For, you must show documents that you have applied for Registration. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to get your M-Tag sticker. Keep in mind without these documents, the NHMP will not issue an M-Tag for your vehicle.

M Tag Registration Centers In Lahore

  1. Motorway Toll Plaza
  2. Lahore Ring Road Abdullah Gul MTAG
  3. Lahore Ring Road Nawaz Sharif MTAG Center
  4. Lahore Ring Road Fazaia MTag Center
  5. Ravi CCC
  6. Ravi Exit
  7. Ravi MTP
  8. Ravi Entry

M-Tag Registration Centers in Islamabad

  1. Motorway M-2 Toll Plaza
  2. ISB Drive Through
  3. McDonald’s Parking, Roundabout, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad
  4. McDonald’s Parking, F-9 Park, Islamabad
  5. Gate No. 5, Opposite F-8 Markaz

Where to put the sticker?

You will need to place the M-Tag registration sticker on the top corner of your car’s windscreen, preferably in the top right corner. It is important to note that you should place the sticker inside the windscreen, not outside.

To check the M-tag sticker status

To check the status of your car’s sticker, send an SMS to 9909 with the “MTAG <Space> CNIC number”.

How to recharge the sticker?

There are several ways to recharge your sticker.

  • Through Scratch Cards (You can get scratch cards of Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 from the entrances and exits of motorways.  The cards are also available in the rest areas on motorways.)
  • Motorway App recharge
  • Motorway Customer Care
  • Jazz Cash
  • U-Paisa
  • Easy Money
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card


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