Harmful Foods for your kidneys

We are going to discuss harmful foods for the kidneys. Kidneys are the most essential part of the human body.

1. The basic function of the kidney is to filter harmful or waste products and move them out of the body.
2. They also produce hormones that make red blood cells and overall body fluid is maintained by them.
3. They are also very important in the regulation of overall blood pressure.

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So whatever we are eating we are exposing our kidneys to many risks. So it should be noticed that not all of these foods are being excessively used in your diet. Harmful Foods for your kidneys are the following.



If you have a history of kidney stones then you should not use nuts in your diet as they contain oxalates, which are found in kidney stones. And if you don’t have a kidney stone history then you should take nuts in your diet in a balanced and moderate way.

Foods with nuts include spinach, beets, potato chips, fries, etc…



They are creamy and juicy and contain potassium in a reasonable quantity. As our daily basis diet is deficient in this mineral we should be having avocados in our diet. But it is again necessary to maintain balance and avoid overeating as the disease called Hyperglycemia exists which is due to the more and more intake of Potassium. The symptoms of this disease are slow heart rate, nausea, weakness, and numbness. But if you don’t have a history of kidney disease then luckily you will not suffer from this illness.




Caffeine consumption in large amounts can affect your kidney’s ability to absorb water. This condition can be very harmful and also increases blood pressure. Such things as coffee and tea are harmful to the person who has a problem with high blood pressure and heartbeat. Soda drinks can also be very harmful to the kidneys.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products-chaskaclub


These include Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt and they are enriched with calcium. If calcium is taken in a large amount it can cause kidney stones.
So people with kidney diseases are cured by reducing the amount of calcium in their blood.

Kidney diseases are directly related to heart diseases. So your kidney should be healthy if you want your heart to remain healthy. Adding olive oil to your diet can reduce the risk of heart problems. Reduction of butter usage in your diet is again necessary.



Salt is called Sodium chloride. Sodium works with potassium to maintain body fluids.
If you take an excessive amount of sodium it will cause harm to your kidney.



Contains Protein in an excessive amount. That is not good for the kidneys and it can cause kidney stones.

Organ-like liver contains Purine which can cause the problem of uric acid in the human body.

Artificial Sweeteners


If you are taking artificial sweeteners in your diet then it is not a good option to replace sugar consumption. You should avoid sugar.

So we concluded that human beings should eat healthily and rely on fresh fruits and vegetables. And an excess of each and every mineral is bad for the body and the kidneys.
So take care of your kidneys and body!!

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