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Hareem Shah slaps Mufti Qavi- New Viral Video

Hareem Shah and Mufi Abdul Qavi Scandal Mufti Abdul Qavi

Hareem Shah and Mufi Abdul Qavvi Scandal Mufti Abdul Qavvi who is a member of Ruet e Halal Committee, and was famous for many scandals on the social media. Many girls were using His name for fame as the videos go viral all over the world. Hareem Shah the famous and the most bold star on social media used him for the same purpose as well. The video got viral in which Mufti was sitting on his bed and was seen using his cell phone. Then a girl in a red dress who is Hareem came and started to slap him.

Source: Shama Junejo Twitter
This video got viral. Now everyone is interested in knowing what is the reason behind this scene? Why she is slapping him? Hareem Shah confirmed on TV channels that the girl in the red dress is She. And she is slapping him as he doesn’t know how to give respect to the woman.

She also claimed that if the men like him are punished in Pakistan then no girl will get raped. The other side of the story is Mufti said that they both are invited to a show in Karachi but how she suddenly slapped him? I do not know the reason. You can see the video here and can judge what is the real story.

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