Gully Bites-Gulberg LHR

We all want a place where we can sit peacefully and have quality time with friends and family.
Which should not be expensive and there is no compromise with the taste of the food.
Gully Bites is a place in Gulberg, Lahore near Hussain Chowk.


This place has a unique menu with unique names of traditional foods.
  • Pappu Papri
  • Babbu Bhel Puri
  • Sexy Samosa
  • Gol Gappy Shappy
  • Bazooka Bihari
  • Cheeze Chicken
  • Seedha Sadha Paratha
And in meetha
  • Kulfi
  • Ras Malai
And Thooti is also served.
The food is extremely tasty. The most yummilicious is their pappriii chaat…

Environment, Staff, and Rates

The staff is cooperative and the environment is casual and peaceful. Their rates are so economical. You can have your food for just 300 rupees only.
Visit Gully Bites and share your experience with us.
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