Global Outcry for Gaza: Celebrities and Citizens Unite in Solidarity

Palestine has faced hardships since 1948 when Israel began to establish itself in the region. There have been numerous conflicts between Israel and Palestine, resulting in the occupation of Palestinian lands, the loss of innocent lives, and the difficult situation in Gaza, where millions live under challenging conditions. People from around the world, particularly Muslims, are expressing their support for the people of Gaza and calling for the enforcement of international law.

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Celebrities from all over the world are also joining the cause, voicing their concerns about the loss of innocent lives and the suffering of civilians, especially children, and also attacking hospitals.

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People worldwide are standing in unity with the people of Gaza, calling for the enforcement of international law. Celebrities from all over the world, such as John Cusack, Roger Waters, Susan Sarandon, Doctor Omar Suleiman, Ushna Shah, Saba Qamar, Yumna Zaidi, Armeena Khan, and Dananeer Mobeen, have also expressed their support for Palestinians. They are sharing their heartfelt sympathy for the innocent children and civilians affected by the conflict.

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