Feroze Khan’s Feelings on Maulana Sahab’s Issue

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Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan’s Feelings on this issue were full of anger that how a journalist could behave like this. The famous Pakistani drama actor Feroze Khan left his showbiz career after meeting with our Islamic Scholar Tariq Jameel Sahab. Moreover, his wife Syeda Alizay disclosed this thing on Instagram. He had started his journey of life in a new way, the way which is according to the Islam and Sunnah.

Few days back he had also deleted his account and it was informed to the fans that he is just now focusing on Islam and the life that is according to the instructions given by Islam.

The actor was working with very high ratings and was famous for many dramas like Khaani. The currently ongoing drama is Ishqiya. That was his last one. But a small meeting with Tariq Jameel Sahab changed his mind and he left everything just to please his Creator.

As the social media is criticizing a lot how some anchors of the Pakistani Media behaved in such a disrespectful manner towards the Alam-e-deen. He also expressed his feelings on this matter in a very harsh way.
According to him, we are free to express our feelings in front of the public. And we are not answerable to anyone. How could Hameed Mir Force an Alam-e-Din to do so?

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According to some people, Hamid Meer has totally lost his credibility by doing this act. Everyone is shocked that why Hamid Meer is overreacting to this.

As Siddique Jan says:

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