Experiencing Childhood Trauma?

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Experiencing Childhood Trauma?

Childhood Trauma

This feeling is related to your mental state. Any event or any incident that you had experienced in your childhood that gives you the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability is called the childhood trauma.

Furthermore, you think that this world is not making any effort to save you from this. You are in a stage of constant helplessness. This situation is not only because of the self-harm or abuse.

Also, it happens just because of any mental issue you were facing as a child. This is based on a true incident that actually happened in the childhood.


  1. Death or loss of a loved one or a family member.
  2. Any natural disaster.
  3. Accident.
  4. Physical abuse.
  5. Leaving your home or country.
  6. Living below the poverty line.
  7. Changing schools.
  8. Any health issue or an operation.
  9. Living with the parents who are always abusing and fighting with each other.
  10. Any of the parents being hurt or tortured.
  11. Being neglected.
  12. Rejected.
  13. Not getting proper attention from the elders.
  14. This also includes the sexual abuse of the child.

As the brain of the children are in the developing stage, they take everything so seriously, and every situation marks on their brain. Moreover, the brain changes itself or develops in this way that it becomes difficult for the child to survive in the world.

Also, this affects the brain cortex of the child.

Symptoms of Childhood trauma in You

  1. Depression/Anxiety.
  2. Mood Swings and overreaction on every situation.
  3. Crying on each and every situation whether you are so happy or extremely sad.
  4. Thinking that something bad is going to happen.
  5. Everyone is a danger to us.
  6. This world is not a safe place to live.
  7. Trust issues.
  8. Vulnerable behavior Begging for love and attention.
  9. Wrong decision making.
  10. Sense of loneliness always.
  11. Unable to make a long-lasting relationship.
  12. Chronic Fatigue.
  13. Use of drugs.

How to Cope up

First of all, you have to realize that this is not your fault at all. Moreover, you can study online or search for articles related to it. In addition to this realization that you are not alone, many people are suffering from this in the whole world. Take the help of the professional or a counselor.

Deal with courage, this world is a beautiful place to live in. 🙂

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