Difference Between LOVE AND BUSINESS!!

What is the difference between love and business?

OH MY GOD! I am in love with YOU.  Aah, I Need You. I want You. I just can’t live without you. You are just like an OXYGEN to me. You are a Universe for me. I will leave anything and anyone just for the sake of your love. But in reality what Love actually is? Are u in love or just running a business of shitty emotions?

The first and the most important thing is in BUSINESS you are concerned with the PROFIT and LOSS of the deal. That means if you are investing something then you will surely want the return on your INVESTMENT. If you have PROFIT then you will ENJOY it but if you are going to face the LOSS then what would be the backup plan to survive?

Law of Attraction-Reality?

This makes DEALING LOVE WITH LOVE and DEALING with LOVE LIKE A BUSINESS DEAL two different things.

For example,

I am in love with you please make sure that what I am doing for you the same things must be done for me. You have to love me with equal intensity as I am loving you. I am crossing oceans for you just because I am expecting the same must be done for me. What will be the GAIN for me in loving you? I am loving you and you are not fulfilling my expectations. OK, I will not love you the same because it is of no use to me.

This type of emotional state is called DEALING with LOVE LIKE A BUSINESS DEAL.

The most important thing. LOVE is SELFLESS. How could you calculate the PROFIT AND LOSS in this relationship? Stop, and study your relationships with others how many love relations and business deals you are having?

Try to differentiate these relations. If you are really in love with someone then you will love him/her without thinking about the PROFIT AND LOSS. But if you are loving someone for your specific NEED or a REASON. Then do not waste your and the time of your partner. Say Good-Bye because you are just Dealing with your partner like a business deal and you are actually not in love with him/her.

What are the signs that you are not in love with someone and your relationship is just a BUSINESS DEAL where you are connected for a specific reason only?



These types of relationships are just destroying you mentally and physically. Try to simplify your life. Do not make everything a long-lasting source of depression for you.

Source: Youtube

So we concluded real love can never b a business deal. But if you are not in love then you will run this relationship as a deal.

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