Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)

Coronavirus disease is the deadliest virus-spreading disease in the whole world the virus responsible for this is known as coronavirus.

This disease has mild, moderate, and serious respiratory illnesses and the patient suffering from this disease will recover without any special treatment. This disease affects the immune system. Furthermore, in this situation, the immune system behaves in an abnormal way and kills its own body cells and the patient dies.

Older people and people with underlying medical problems are more likely to suffer from this disease.
Patients with cardiovascular, diabetes, and cancer are more likely to suffer from these.

Divorce Rate After Corona Virus


So the best way to prevent this disease is to take specific measures because it is the most widely spread infection. Washing your hands again and again and using masks and sanitizers will help us to fight this disease. Social distancing is the most helpful solution to this problem. People should never cough their face nose eyes and lips these days.


So it spreads through the droplets of the infected patients and with any type of physical contact with the infected one.

“Stay Home” The best way to avoid this is no treatment has been discovered up till now.


Also in some countries, the plasma of the corona-cured patient is used to cure the infected person but this is not the final treatment.

Number of Cases

The total number of confirmed cases throughout the world is 1041126.
Recovered patients are 221262 approx, & deaths are 55132 in the whole world.


So if you just have mild symptoms you can take rest and warm fluids or steam and you will recover but if you are facing serious illness and difficulty in breathing you may need a ventilator and have to be admitted to the hospital, It all depends on your immunity and how strongly and bravely you face this.

Countries Affected

As a result, it is affecting 204 countries and territories of the world.

The whole world is locked down and everyone is in their homes to be safe from this monster-like infection. Depression and anxiety are becoming more common in people as the media is playing a bad role and spreading fear among people. This virus behaves in a different manner in every country.

Stay safe wash your hands & follow the rule of social distancing.

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