Corona Virus And Pregnancy

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Corona Virus And Pregnancy

Coronavirus and pregnancy, how this virus affects the health of a pregnant woman.

Pregnant women were placed in a risky group by a Chief Medical officer on 16th March.

And they were advised to reduce social contact and quarantine themselves in their homes. As pregnancy causes many changes in your body and how the body reacts towards different viruses, this method also changes.

But in many cases the pregnant women that were infected with this virus only experienced mild or moderate flu symptoms.

A research that was conducted in May 2020 shows that the women that were 427 in number only those get infected with this virus that were in their third trimester of pregnancy.

So after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the time becomes more crucial.

More Risky Groups

  1. Pregnant women from black, Asian, and any ethnic background
  2. Women over the age of 35
  3. Women who are overweight and have obesity
  4. And the women suffering from pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

How to Reduce Risk

  1. These women if infected should consult with their doctors regularly.
  2. They should take Vitamin D supplement on daily basis.
  3. Follow the social distancing guidelines on daily basis.
  4. Stay hydrated so that the risk of blood clots will be reduced.
  5. Stay active with regular exercise and take folic acid supplements.

Risk of An Infected Baby

There is a risk of an infected baby with coronavirus. And the infected woman can also give birth to a pre-mature baby. However, there is no chance that the risk of miscarriages increases.

Precautions are necessary.

So it is important that we should learn now that we are living in a world with coronavirus.

And we have to survive with this virus.

And if a woman gets pregnant she should take care of herself and it is the responsibility of each and every member of her family to give proper attention to her.

Wear proper masks and gloves while leaving the house for a doctor’s appointment. Take those foods that are good for the immune system.

Stay safe and connected with the Chaska Club team.

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