Coke Vs Pepsi-Competition War

Comparison between Coke and Pepsi

When we feel thirsty, we look around to commit our thirst, in the whole world, we’ve dozens of choices when it involves soft drinks, although the 2 most generally known are Coke and Pepsi. Many are often stuck between choosing Coke or Pepsi, and although they’re slightly different in appearance, taste, and price it makes a world of difference to the customer.

Limelight Vs Khaadi

World Top Famous Beverages

The world’s top two famous beverage companies, Coke and Pepsi-Cola, have competed dramatically and distributed the beverage market profit for several decades. In the free market, it’s hard to precisely tell which one is the winner within the right competition, because both companies use different sorts of commercials and merchandise to expand their markets. Personally, I think that Coke-Cola earns a higher profit than Pepsi because Coke-Cola has better marketing strategies. Therefore the representatives for or her commercials and television ads cost is lower. I would choose to drink Coke over Pepsi. Because Coke has a fair marketing strategy that draws all generations of individuals of all ages, Pepsi targets mostly the younger generation and tries to form a picture of Coke as an uncool drink, Coke has made more people understand its value and merchandise than Pepsi. Therefore, we should always drink Coke that knows the way to appreciate all audiences of all ages, no matter their ages and genders.

Taste wise

It is interesting to listen to Pepsi win the taste test. So, have coke. How can this be? According to many people, Coke tastes better than Pepsi and Pepsi tastes better than Coke. What is the difference between Coke and Pepsi? If we compare the 2 labels on those two cans, the sole difference between them is that Pepsi adds orthophosphoric acid in its contains and Coke doesn’t. Some people might say that those tests truly reflect the market demand and other people’s preferences but I doubt it. If they did, why we cannot find the sole and exact answer to convince us which one is the cola giant within the market? On the other hand, do they try both, and then decide for themselves? They are probably cheating on those taste tests. They probably report only favorable tastes and throw out unfavorable ones.

Ad Competition

Coke Cola Ad: Source Youtube

Pepsi Cola Ad: Source Youtube

Major Difference

What is the real difference between Coke and Pepsi-Cola? Both drinks Coke & Pepsi are surrounded by firms within the beverage market but we feel Coke gains higher profit than Pepsi Cola. They both drink and use a lot of superstars or famous figures such as Dinger, Sisqo, Kiss, Einstein, Faith Hill, etc. This commercial method of using superstars or famous personage in Pepsi commercial ads does not only happen in America but also in Asia. The Pepsi commercial ads in Asia also use a lot of Asian superstars to represent their products. The reason why Pepsi managers try to break its competitors and contest the limited consumers by the idol’s charm. Both are good business strategies to boost profit. However, because Pepsi hires superstars to perform in the ads, it must spend lots of money so it must raise the company’s costs which reduces the profit. On the other hand, Coke could reduce the cost by not hiring superstars and famous actors and actresses.

The collectibles from the whole would reinforce an image regarding their trademark and consolidate its consumers. On the other hand, they also can create lots of money which raises the company’s profit. Compared to Pepsi, Coke features a lot of collectibles, like teddy bears, watches, toy trucks, staples, etc., and every one of them puts the Coke trademark on those products and we can almost find them in any market. In comparison, Pepsi-Cola does not have collectibles so it might spend lots of time and money to gain more consumers and expand its market. The most interesting part of this is that there are Coke museums but no Pepsi museums might be found.

Some people argue that the taste of Coke and Pepsi are equivalent. However, a lot of people argue that Pepsi Cola tastes sweeter and has many bubbles in it, therefore, Pepsi wins more consumers, especially the young generation. However, this is not true. The young generation will change their preferences more quickly than the old generation if a corporation uses the young generation to work out most of parts profit they gain from them, which is not getting to make those profits very stable. Thus, Pepsi would lose its customers more easily. If we compare to Coke, older generation people are more stable in their preferences. This situation would benefit Coke in order that Coke will earn more profit and outlast in the beverage market.

Most people believe that Coke has more advantages to winning this beverage war. For example, most people like better to see Pepsi’s commercial ads, and they might like Coke’s taste. Imagine that if those two companies merge together, we’ll not have a second choice while we drink coca and that we will lose the prospect of ascertaining the various and interesting ads. The beverage market will become bored. Therefore, regardless of which one is basically a coca giant within the market, we prefer to get more choice and fun from both of them.

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