Candle Invention- History

The following lines will explain what were the reasons behind the invention of the candle. How early people used different types of waxes to make this superb invention of candle-making history.

Early History

The oldest source of light was a candle but it does not change with time.
Its structure remained the same throughout history.

Wheel Invention-History

Structure/Formation of Candle

It is basically wax this is combined with some other components that burn and give light.

Uses of Candle

The candle is being used for illumination and for heating purposes in some other cases.
1.         The first candle was made from the fat of whales in China during the Qin Dynasty in some 200 B.C.
2.         Then In India the same wax was made from the boiling residue of cinnamon.
3.         Beeswax was also used for this purpose.

Candle Fish

also, a fish has also named candlefish because one type of candle was also prepared from that fish.
In addition to this Paraffin wax is white wax and does not have any bad odor and is also very cheap that’s why it can also be used as a candle as it burns more brightly and clearly, and is easily available and used in homes.

Use as a Timer

Also, Lighting candles can be used as timers because they have a very speedy burning rate and they can represent the hours or days. As the candle burns the wax falls on a metal plate and the sound or vibration could be felt that represents a specific time interval.

Use Nowadays

Nowadays cracker candles and many other types of candles used for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions are available.
Moreover, they are of different shapes and colors. And most important type is of scented candles that can make your dinner most beautiful.
So this is the need of every decade!

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