Breakups!!! Do they really work?

by ChaskaClub

Breakups!!! Do they really work?

Why couples have to go through The BREAKUPS?

We live in a society where people have their own choices and own standards for their life partners.
Some are attracted to the outer beauty and some are addictive of the inner souls of the human beings. Some are just looking for a time pass and some are so sincere and faithful that they don’t know how to use someone for a temporary relationship. Also, some are comfortable with one and only and some want to flirt with everyone.

People are Complex.

Her ek dy apny roonyyy.

How some people become so close to each other that they ended up in marriages and what are the reasons that the sincere relationships do not lead to the marriages. Is that every relation is made for the marriage or people are using the other just for the time pass?

Many questions arise in our minds as we are living in a society full of back up plans.

Both the sides should be analyzed properly while concluding the results. Also, we should have proper information on their behaviors in certain aspects.

Girls in Relationships

A girl is a sensitive creature. A girl is usually not made to cheat and disobey a man but if she is doing this then obviously she is not comfortable and happy with her partner. A girl wants the complete attention and time of a boy. She will never ever share her partner with anyone. This is a definition of a loyal girl. Things are simple when you have a loyal partner.

But if she is not loyal she is just flirting with you, or she has a habit to talk to each and every boy then things get difficult. Here the relationship is just based on the financial condition of the boy. If he is rich then things become simple. These types of girls are very much attracted to the money. Show them your money they will be yours. You can purchase their loyalty with your money.

How a loyal girl becomes a cheater? if the following demands are not fulfilled.

The man is not giving her proper time. He is cheating her, not fulfilling the commitments he had made to her. He is just busy in his own life. Girls will bear each and everything to the last level but when it comes to their endpoint they will become a cheater. They will cheat you but as a revenge. Whenever they will find a man that is fulfilling their demands they will again wear their reality of a loyal person and will move on.

So it all depends upon the nurturing and the social circle of the girls how they behave in a relationship.

You can easily judge a girl by showing them your money and status. If she is attracted to them she will break up when you will lose all those things. And a loyal Girl will be always by your side whether you’re living in a beautiful house or in a small apartment on rent. She just wants you.

So lrko yad rkho, Larki ke suchi muhubbat yahi hai k tmse tmhara sath or time mangy geeee or tmhe ksi se banty ge nheee. Han ager bant rhe hai to smjh jao k tm b bat rhy hoooo tmhari adhi muhubbat b wo ksi or ko de rhi hai….. 

Boys in Relationships

A Boy behaves in a very unpredictable manner when it comes to relationships. If he is loyal and belongs to a good family then he will remain loyal. And if he is not loyal then you can not change that person in his life.

Males are usually aggressive and rigid personalities. And in our society, females are considered the things that can be used for their purposes. Here comes the difference between the word Boy and a Man.

A boy wants time to pass that he can enjoy his day and night with someone. They are usually not concerned with the marriages. And in our society usually, the Mom decide who will be their Bahu. But when it comes to the word Man, things are different.

They are strongly committed guys and they will take each and every responsibility of a girl. They are the most beautiful creatures on Earth.


Both male and females are living their lives according to their mindset. When it comes to a clash between their mindsets than the breakup is the result. Here comes the need that we should respect each others mind frames.

Also giving a proper space is important. If the person is doing something than study his/her behavior why she/he is behaving like this? Are we people responsible for their behavior?

Females should work on their tolerance level. And males should know that outer beauty will only be satisfying your eyes for a few days. Love a girl with a beautiful heart and she will make you feel like you are the king of the whole world.

Study your partner. I repeat study your partner. Do not make a false choice.

And remember this world is full of backups and if someone is doing something for you then respect him/her, please. Or leave them.

So that the deserving one gets them and treats them right. Remember that losing a true love will be a loss you will cry for years so value it, please.

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