Biography of Bill Gates

William Henry Gates was born on Oct. 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. As Microsoft’s chief founder, Bill Gates is one of the most influential and wealthy people in the world. The most recent estimate of his wealth was the US $ 84.2 billion (Jan. 2017); this is equivalent to the combined GDP of several African economies. In recent years he has retired from full-time employment at Microsoft, and instead focused on working with his excellent “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Bill Gates’ early life

His father William Gates Sr was a great lawyer, and his mother, Mary, worked as an officer at a large bank. The family was rich but, recalling the challenges of the Great Depression, he encouraged their children to work hard and take nothing.

At the age of 13, Gates studied at a private school in Lakeside. She taught herself how to program in Basic, making a simple ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ game. Gates enjoyed the process of working with computers and also arranged for the Computer Center Corporation (CCC) to spend time on their computers – a source code for learning, such as Fortran, Machine Code, and Lisp.

Gates enrolled at Harvard in 1973, he studied computer science and mathematics. However, Gates was very fond of pursuing his coding, and when he saw the opportunity to find his own company, he left Harvard without finishing his studies.

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Bill Gates is a Microsoft subsidiary

Altair 8800 computer

Microsoft was founded in 1976 when Bill Gates contracted with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) to develop an operating system for their new microcomputers. In the early days, Bill Gates was analyzing the entire line of code. He has also been involved in several aspects of Microsoft’s business such as packaging and shipping orders.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981

Microsoft’s big break came in 1980 when IBM approached them with the new BASIC system for its new computers. In the early 1980s, IBM was a leading PC manufacturer. However, increasingly, more and more IBM PC clones were growing; (PCs produced by other companies are compatible with IBM’s). Microsoft has worked hard to sell its operating system to other companies. Thus Microsoft has been able to gain a prominent position in software development as the personal computer market begins to rise. Since its inception, some companies have been fighting to oust Microsoft as a leading supplier of computer software. Programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel have become commonplace in the industry.

Bill Gates – Windows

In 1990 Microsoft released its first Windows version. This has been a breakthrough in software running as it replaces text input with a graphical interface. It quickly became a very good seller and was able to capture most of the shares of the operating system. In 1995 Windows 95 was released, setting new standards and features for applications. This version of Windows has been the backbone of all the upcoming releases from Windows 2000 to XP and Vista.

Throughout his tenure at the office, Bill Gates was eager to transform Microsoft’s business. For example, Microsoft’s Microsoft Explorer became a prominent web browser, although this was primarily because it was installed first on most new computers. In recent years, Internet Explorer has seen its retail revenue decline.

Another area where Microsoft has never been successful is in the search engine space. MSN Live Search is hard to find over 5 percent of the market share. In this regard, Microsoft has been limited by Google. However, Microsoft’s success in acquiring various features in the software market has led to a few cases of anti-trust. In 1998 in US v Microsoft, Microsoft nearly broke into three smaller firms. However, if you complain, Microsoft managed to survive as one company.

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