@BBL0007- Man or Woman???

TikTok and other social media platforms are creating many opportunities for youngsters to show their talent to the world. They are getting roles in dramas and songs. Moreover, they are getting famous and famous through this stuff. We are living in Pakistan where the majority of the people are living below the poverty line.
They have only one single person to earn a livelihood for them. But when that single person is not getting work or not enough paid to that person, then they start to struggle in another direction. A male which is making videos on Tik Tok in the get-up of a Female is getting a lot of fame nowadays. In his interview, he says that after the death of his father he has to earn for his family and this media app seemed to be a good platform. That’s why he started making videos of the get-up of a woman.
A beautiful girl with attractive eyes and a sexy look was gaining a lot of attention from the public. But then he exposed himself that he is a man, not a woman and he has to do this just because of money and to earn for his family. Hunger and money games are changing this world in a strange way!

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