Ayeza Khan Encouraging People to Make Cloth Masks

As our doctors and other medical staff are dealing with this pandemic in a more critical way than we do. That is why they need these masks more than us. We are sitting in our homes and just have to go to the grocery or some other places for just a few minutes. But they are fighting day and night the direct encounter with this disease.

For the past few days news about the doctors and the medical facility affected by this virus is circulating all over social media and television. The Actors and other famous personalities are fulfilling their responsibilities. They are making people aware of the fact that what they are doing and what they should do to help other Pakistanis in this crucial time.

Ayeza Khan, the famous Pakistani Drama Actress pens down a complete detail on how you should help the medical facility by providing them the masks that you people are storing just for no cause.

She says that you should make your own mask with unused clothes at your home. Try not to purchase them from the market.

As people are purchasing more and more masks just for the purpose of going out for groceries, these masks are running short in the market.

Do not stock up on these masks as the supply for the medical workers is decreasing because of this action.

Moreover, she shared her beautiful pictures on the internet wearing a mask with jewels and embroidery. And says I am comfortable with it as long as it is serving the purpose. This act is just to motivate the people to make their own masks of different styles and fashions, matching the colors of their clothes.

Furthermore, people are criticizing her a lot she is making fun of it and making it a new fashion.

Cloth Face Covering/Important Points

  1. It should fit properly and comfortably against your face.
  2. The ties and earloops should be proper.
  3. This mask should have multiple layers of fabric.
  4. People with breathing disorders can wear this mask and any material should not be used if it causes breathing restrictions.
  5. It can be easily washed without any change in color or shape.

Individuals should be very careful while removing these masks and never touch their eyes, nose, and mouth. Place it in a separate place and wash your hands immediately after the removal of this mask.

They should be washed repeatedly depending upon the usage of the individual.

These can be of low cost and you can make them by using simple household items.

So use your own cloth face mask and medical staff will use the N-95 and other masks available in the market. It would be a kind and sweet gesture from the Pakistanis to our Front line Soldiers.

Be responsible and behave like a nation, please.

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