Frozen Foods- Do you know Quest Cuisine?

Do you know Quest Cuisine? Are you someone who enjoys delicious food but often struggles to find the time to cook? Or maybe you’re on a budget and find it hard to justify eating out frequently. Well, Quest Cuisine has got you covered! New Frozen Food Brand Quest Cuisine is a newly launched brand of […]

Ramadan Calendar 2023-Sehri o Iftar Timings

Ramadan timing and schedule for the year 2023.  Ramadan is upon us and the believers are set to observe the holy month with traditional passion and keenness. To help Muslims plan their schedule, The Urdu Point has compiled the sehri o iftar timings schedule for the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Calendar 2023-Sehri o Iftar Timings. […]

ChatGPT- All About ChatGPT

All about ChatGPT ChatGPT is an online platform for virtual assistance and chatbot services. It is an innovative technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer personalized services to its users. ChatGPT was launched in 2020, and since then, it has been serving as an effective tool for businesses and individuals to interact […]

LUMS University Students Celebrate Fake Shadi-Viral Video

LUMS Academic Activities Apart from academic activities, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is often seen trending on social media due to its extracurricular activities. Last month, Lums was in the news because of Bollywood Day, but this time the reason was the ‘fake marriage’ fame. LUMS University Students Celebrate Fake Shadi-Viral Video. There are many […]

Chocolate: The benefits of using it during study

Chocolate Chocolate is a sweet food made from cacao beans that have been roasted and ground into a paste. The paste is then mixed with sugar, milk, and other ingredients to make different types of chocolate. Chocolate is available in various forms, including solid bars, chips, powders, and syrups. It can be eaten as a […]

Pakistan’s first digital Population Census

Pakistan’s first digital Population Census. The government starts this in march 2023. The 7th census starts from 1 March 2023 all over Pakistan. Pakistan conducting its first digital census through Online System. This is totally online system. In this section first, three days of people’s listing will be done in which the houses will be […]

First-time pregnancy- Tips for Healthy and happy pregnancy

First-time pregnancy is a very hard task, and also a very vital stage for the mom and baby’s health. The following steps can improve your health in first-time pregnancy. Corona Virus And Pregnancy Eat a healthy, balanced diet Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for both you and your baby during pregnancy. You will need […]

The Top Pakistani YouTubers with the most followers

The social website YouTube has gained a lot of fame and attention in Pakistan. Today growing the number of social media content creators over the world. The top social media brand YouTube has released a list of Pakistani trending music, videos, and shorts for the year 2022. The Top Pakistani YouTubers with the most followers. YouTuber […]

Cheezious-Food Chaska

A place that originated from Rawalpindi now serves its best taste in Lahore… Lahore is famous for food lovers and this place offers you their best Special Pizza… The crown crust Pizza…They have many other options as well but this is an excellent try to have it…..! They also have some exciting other things to […]

Bigg Boss Star- The Indian big actress accepted Islam

According to different sources, the famous Indian celebrity Rakhi Sawant accepted Islam. After Rakhi Sawant confirmed the news of her marriage to her Muslim boyfriend Adil Khan, the video of both of them also getting married. The video of Adil Khan and Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is going viral on various social media pages. In videos, […]

Check PTA Approved Mobile Phone Devices check with IMEI

When we buy a new mobile/device, the vendor guide you to verify your device from PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regulations using the following procedures. Get your mobile device IMEI No. To check your mobile device status, dial the code *#06# from your mobile, you will receive each 15-digit IMEI number (Dual SIM), and send each […]

The personalities have escaped us year 2022

2022 is also going to come to an end just like the previous years and the personalities who passed away in it will be remembered forever. Among the eminent personalities who passed away the year of 2022 are religious, and social activists, politicians, actors, and journalists figures among others. Bilqis Edhi On 15 April 2022, […]

Cricketer Wedding- Haris Rauf and Munza Malik wedding ceremony

The cricketer Haris Rauf and model Muzna Masood Malik tied the knot on Saturday 24 December 2022. For the last few days, they have been so viral and everybody was discussing them. Now the picture of their marriage is viral on social media. The cricketer Haris Rauf started his carrier with PSL (Pakistan Super League). […]

Degrees don’t matter Akhtar Lawa matter

Sometimes a chaie-wala, baba g Sialkot, peechay dekho and today Lahore Da Pava. Unluckily, the leaders of this nation made this nation so habituated to sports spectacles and pathetic concerns that they forgot their destination. The fear of God left the pure hearts – The shame of the eyes went away. Everywhere there is a […]

Mings- Chinese & Thai Restaurant

Ming’s Mings is basically a Chinese and Thai Restaurant……! When Chinese Lovers want to eat something in the area of Johar Town… They will only have one option Mei Kong….! This addition is quite impressive. Now Chinese and Thai lovers can go there. They have so many interesting deals for 2 or 4…! The taste of Chinese and […]