AURAT MARCH-How women are losing their dignity?

Aurat March

The march on Women’s Day is called the Aurat March. Like the last year in Pakistan, that day is celebrated through this walk.
Many colorful and bold slogans were displayed. What is the hidden purpose behind that walk???


This march is basically to ensure women’s rights and their place in society.
But what is the real dignity of women?

We are Muslims and the Muslim aurat is not BEHAYAH.
How could these bold and Behayai wale Slogans be used for the Women of our religion?



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Bad Impact on Society

This Auarat march is far away from our religion. This type of mess is making normal housewives or simple women embarrassed in front of their husbands and other agents in society. They are embarrassed to make any kind of eye contact with the males.
They are just promoting vulgarity in society.



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Real Woman

A real woman is covered and protected.
The religion does not restrict her in-home but she is allowed to work within her limits. A real woman is making her family proud in every field of life. She is not a source of Behayai for others.

Bold Slogans

  • Khana me garam krdugi bister tm garam kerlo
  • Daikh lo baith gae sahi se
  • Don’t toxify my periods
  • My vagina is not your battleground

This type of rubbish is just destruction for our Islamic society.

A woman should carry their dignity and this is the only thing that could make them respectable.

If they are respected then they will be protected.

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