Agha-Sarah-Falak Reality???

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Agha-Sarah-Falak Reality?

What is the true story behind this Love Triangle?

Sarah Khan the beautiful female actress who was strongly committed to a relationship with the most famous star Agha Ali.

Also, both were seen happy and were famous for their on screen chemistry. They performed together in many dramas. BAND KHIRKIA was the top hit.

Also, they were seen together in many reality and morning shows.

But a twist in their love story came when Agha was diagnosed with a skin disease.

He had to isolate him for some months.

Here their love story came to an end when Agha wrote on his social media account that no one stays with you forever and you have to survive alone.

Furthermore, a few days after these incidents we saw that Agha married to Hina Altaf. She is also a very famous and beautiful drama actress.

And this was not the end of the story we saw Sarah marrying happily with Falak Shabbir the famous Pakistani singer.

They are extremely happy about this new relationship.

Falak purposed her and they got engaged and within two days hardly their marriage was over.

How unpredictable? Agha-Sarah-Falak

How unpredictable is the relationships?

One day you are in a strong commitment with someone and on the other day you are happy with someone else. Many stories are there that she left him just because of his disease and some people say that Agha left her because of his new girlfriend Hina.

Agha Ali was wishing her best of luck on her new life and was praying for her from the heart.

People are commenting that relationships are no more than video games for the media stars. Furthermore, it is a very cruel thing to leave your partner in a tough time. It is the real-time to judge your relationship. This tough time shows where your relationship is standing.

They change their partners according to the return they are getting. Stay for more Entertainment Chaska.

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