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Chaska Club is basically the website that will discuss all the latest stories and happenings that are revolving around the globe. Founded by simple Pakistanis that are trying to entertain the world with the different types of Chasky (obsessions) they have. It includes the food chaska, travelling chaska, chaska to look good, chaska for a better health, chaska to read something new and chaska related to know each and everything happening in the world.

We are Chasky Baaz

The name Chaska describes that we are discussing different types of interests that people have. Some people are so fond of food that they would love to see their favorite food online. They will see the truest comments on the restaurant they are planning to visit.

Some people love the mountains and they would love to read the reviews on different hilly areas of Pakistan.

So focusing on Chaska, Chaska Club we are you and Yourz…

Everything would be according to your interest.

Boring and Fake content is not supported, we will be the honest ones to serve you.

Feel free to contact and your suggestions are always welcomed !