82 Years Old Buzurg performs Umrah after saving money for 15 years

This is the elder who went viral in the media of Saudi Arabia and the whole world. Abdul Qadir Aliani Marri’s style and dress reminded the Saudis of the era of the Companions’ predecessors. The elder is from Pakistan, Abdul Qadir Aliani Marri, who is from the Hub district. He resides in Sakran- Balochistan. the Viral Video in Medina 82 Years Old Buzurg performs Umrah after Saving for 15 Years.

Javed Afridi a Pakistani businessman offers to sponsor the Hajj

Muhammad Javed Afridi a Pakistani businessman offers to sponsor the Hajj of a Pakistani shepherd roving in Prophet’s Mosque in a viral video. The 82-Year-old Baba Abdul Qadir Baksh reach back home on Saturday after performing the Holy Umrah Pilgrimage which he had done after saving for 15 years. According to different sources, Abdul Qadir Baksh belongs to a modest background.

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He saved money within fifteen years by goats on wages and saved yearly whatever was found. He kept collecting and then made a passport. My Lord’s system required me to wait five more years before making preparations for the Holy Pilgrimage Umrah. As a result, my passport expired and I had to apply for a new one Then he could not travel because travel restrictions were imposed due to Corona. Then I started the preparation and sold my fifteen goats. On the Holy Pilgrimage to Haramain al-Sharifin, he left. No hotel arrangements, no worries about food. Abdul Qadir Bakhsh doesn’t even own a cell phone. The only concern was to reach their door. Then he finally reached the holy land of Medina. Let’s go to Sacrifice where the angels are also present with great literature.

The Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) guests wore simple clothes when they arrived at a place where everyone is welcome. Allah Tabarak WA Taala has spread a medium in the form of video throughout the world.

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Is it a human or an angel?

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There is a shepherd. Who is a true lover of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)? Allah is great. when love is true, the Lord of the worlds arranges it himself. Now to this Babaji on behalf of the Arabs being called for Hajj. what is your luck, what is your glory? This is the charity of Medina.
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